Influenster - Cosmo Vox Box: Initial Thoughts

I signed up for Influenster a few weeks about when I heard about it on Twitter.  I LOVE the company and what they do!  They send you FREE, yes you heard me right... FREE full size products monthly to test out based on your lifestyle.  You determine which boxes you are eligible for by unlocking badges on their website some examples are: Beauty, Natural, Health-Nut etc. You're not guaranteed to get a box every month because it depends on your lifestyle, so sometimes you many not meet the requirements.

I was so excited when I found out I was receiving the Cosmo VoxBox!  Here are my initial thoughts on the products and the video below shows you how everything was packaged and my initial thoughts so far! :)

I tried the Proactiv back when I was in middle school and I found that it did nothing for me.  I'm excited to try it again though because my acne is not as severe as it was then and I think it could help me with the blemishes I get once in a while.

This body wash smells heavenly.  It smells just like vanilla frosting!  I'm so excited to use it because I'll smell like a yummy cupcake!

I've always been a fan of Venus razors and they're the only ones that I use.  I'm so excited to try this one out because it includes the Shave Gel Bars on the razor!

More information about Influenster from their website:

What is a VoxBox?
VoxBoxes are themed packages of products mailed directly to qualified member’s homes. Boxes include a variety of products from top beauty, health, grooming, snack, beverage & lifestyle brands!

Who gets a VoxBox?
Influensters are selected for themed shipments based on the types and levels of badges they have unlocked, ensuring members receive products that match their lifestyles and interests. Members with high Influenster rankings are prioritized, so make sure to unlock as many Influence and Activity Badges as you can!

How does it work?
When am I getting a Box?
All new shipment announcements are made in the News Section of the Community Page. We also send out updates through Facebook and Twitter so make sure to like/follow Influenster in social media to stay in the loop!
When you meet the requirements for an upcoming VoxBox, we’ll send you a message to confirm your participation in the program.

I did receive the products in my Cosmo VoxBox for free. 
I am not being sponsored by Influenster, and all opinions are my own.

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