Impress Press-On Manicure Review

In my Influenster Holiday VoxBox I recieved the Impress Press-On Manicure in Over the Moon (the patterned design)  However, the design wasn't my style so I went out and bought my own kit in the pink color called Controlled Freak.  The nails were $5.99 and I had a $1 off coupon, so my total came to $4.99 without tax.  I received my coupon in my Influenster box, however, there was a pad of coupons on the display.

The packaging is super cute and looks like a nail polish.  Once you open the package it contains the nails as well as an alcohol prep pad.
I pushed back my cuticles and wiped my nails with the prep pad.  The I got ready to size my the fake nails to my nails.  This was the hard part.  I have very small nail beds and they are more circle shaped rather than square shaped like the nails.
The best part about these nails are that they're mess free!  No glue, no mess!  All you have to do is pull the sticker off and you're all set.
The plastic part is what you pull off and then the nail is all set and ready to go on your own nail!
The nail was fully covered in a glue which was applied in a grid design.
Finally I applied the nails!  They were super easy to apply and I followed the directions which recommended for the thumb nails to be applied last.

My Overall Thoughts:
I was impressed with these nails!  They were mess free, a beautiful color, and the length was really nice, not too long or too short and there was no drying time.  The only thing is that they didn't fit my nail beds correctly so they looked fake at times.  However everything else was perfect.  I would recommend these, but I would check the display in your store and see if they have a nail sizing chart.  The one in my Walgreens did, but I didn't follow it because all the sizes are included in the package. These would be best for people with more square nail beds.

I left these on for a few days and they lasted while I showered, typed, drove and washed dishes.  Within 4 days I removed them but I'm pretty sure they would've stayed a whole week!

If you've tried these out let me know.  Also be sure to check out my giveaway for the Over the Moon pattern here!

I did receive the products in my Holiday VoxBox for free (the Impress Press On Manicure in Over the Moon [the print] was one of the free products)
I however purchased my own Impress Press On Manicure in Control Freak which is pictured above 
You could too by signing up for Influenster here:
I am not being sponsored by Influenster, and all opinions are my own.

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