X Out Acne Wash-In Treatment Review

In my Influenster Holiday Vox Box I recieved the X OUT Wash-In Treatment.  I loved it!  The smell is one of the first things that I loved.  It makes me feel like my skin not only is getting clean, but smelling great!  I would describe it as a clean, fresh, powdery and almost medicinal scent.  However, it's not too overpowering.

What's great about this treatment is that it's 3 products in 1.  You can use it as a wash, spot treatment, or mask.  I used it as a mask and loved it.  It's a thick formula that you can thin out with water and exfoliates your face.  I loved how it has menthol so it creates a cooling effect once you let it sit as a mask.

Here's more on my thoughts about the product:

I did receive the products in my Holiday VoxBox for free (the X Out Treatment was one of the free products), you could too by signing up for Influenster.  I am not being sponsored by Influenster, and all opinions are my own.

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  1. Great healthy product you have shared with us. Thank you taking Acne Wash-In Treatment issue here.


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