Summer's here!


It's here!! Summer is here!  I have finished my Spring semester, and am so excited to enjoy my summer break!  I'm so glad for a nice break since last semester was a lot of work... but worth it (made Dean's List!)    I'm excited to spend time with my friends and going to some concerts!  I know this summer will be filled with fun memories.  I'm kicking off my summer by turning 21 (June 5th- so soon!)  For school I am taking 2 online class (Spanish and Political Science) during the summer.  I'm also working.. I'll be working more at my retail job as well as pouring a lot of time and effort into my YouTube videos and Blogs!  I truly love being making videos for you all and am excited to have the time to do so!  I hope you all are doing awesome and that your summer is going great!

I'll also be spending a lot of time with our new puppy Ivy.  She's the sweetest, so stinking cute.  I can't ignore her, you can't deny that face haha :)

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