DIY 21st Birthday: Surprise Candy Shots

In March, two of my best friends turned 21.  They were both in different states than me and I wanted to send them a care package filled with fun things to celebrate their 21st.  Unfortunately I was not 21 yet so I had to be creative.  I came up with these cute "Mystery Candy Shots."  They're a cute spin on a 21st birthday and easy to package.  These are just one of the creative things I sent up in the care package.  Keep a look out for the other items I sent as well as how I packaged them!  Leave an fun and creative ideas you have below on future candy shots I can create!

I bought plain shot glasses (I didn't want to get fancy ones, just incase they were to break while shipping)  I bought them at Christmas Tree Shop.  The candy you can buy anywhere.  But make sure you get English candy hearts, not Spanish like I did :)

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