My Study Tips to Ace Your Exam!

I always believed in the saying, "Study hard, Party harder."
With that said.. here's 17 Study Tips to help you ace your future exams, quizzes, tests
and own this semester by starting off with a clean academic slate filled with major academic accomplishments.

And of course, make sure that you get your studying done, and have plenty of downtime.

Study Tip #1: GO TO CLASS
Yes, even those mornings where it's pouring rain outside and the last thing you want to do is trudge to class.  Well you my dear are the little engine that could, and will get your butt up to go to class.

Study Tip #2:  Make a Study Guide.
Yep, one of those lovely things that you spend what feel like eternity on and cramps your wrist.  These are what I like to call study guides.  Although in some ways they may be painful, they will bring you success in the end.

Study Tip #3: Buy Some Highlighters
Let these little neon babies work there magic on your study guide and you'll be hooked!  Just try not to make your study guide look like a work of graffiti and you'll be all set.

Study Tip #4: Flash Cards
These have been around forever.  Probably one of the best study methods and one that you have been using since elementary school.  When in doubt, remember to use flash cards!

Study Tip #5: Get a Planner
These things are life savers.  Seriously! You won't have a heart attack because you'll never ever forget a test or quiz again if you write it down in your handy dandy planner.

Study Tip #6: Make a Mock Test/Quiz
Plain and simple, just put all the questions on a sheet of paper and write down your answers (without look of course!) and see how you do!

Study Tips #7 & #8: Study with Friends and Attend a Study Group
Studying is always better when friends are involved, and if your professor offers a study group then GO! It's much better than being lonely and studying all by yourself. 

Study Tip #9: Go the Library
If you need peace and quite and a place to study then try the obvious place, the library.  Yours may even have a whole floor dedicated to silence... imagine having that in your dorm hall.. that'd be impossible.
Study Tip #10: Attend your Professors Office Hours
They have them for a reason, so why not take a stop in and ask them about that theory you don't understand.

Study Tip #11: Set a time every week to schedule
And actually stick to it.

Study Tip #12: Review notes before and after class
More opportunities for your brain to soak up all that lovely information

Study Tips #13, #14, #15: The day of the Test: Get enough sleep, eat a healthy breakfast and go in with a positive attitude!
'nuff said.

Study Tip #16: Refer to material from past courses (if it would help)
Sometimes hearing how a different professor taught something you're relearning can help you understand it better

My video on Study Tips:


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  2. Very good ideas! I will use these for the tests I have coming up in the next couple of weeks! :)



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