Getting Back on Track to a Healthier Lifestyle.

This semester,  I've been stretched super thin.  Every day I have something going on.  Monday through Thursday I have classes and being a teacher's assistant.  Friday through Sunday I have work.  Somehow I manage to keep my grades up, and complete my homework.  I'll also admit that I'm a procrastinator and for most the of the time, wait for the last minute to do things.  I know I'll say on my videos not to do it and when I give studying tips not to do it, but I do.  I suppose procrastinating has become a habit at times... a bad one.
Since my freshman year I've gained weight.  I went from being happy with my body, healthy and enjoying the gym, to unhappy with my body and no time for the gym.  I try to make healthier decisions while eating, just sometimes being on the go constantly, it isn't easy to do.  I'm lucky that every night I always have a nutritious dinner, usually starting with a big delicious salad (thanks mom!)

 During the summer of my senior year and right before starting college was when I was my healthiest.  I went to the gym several times a week, ate healthy, managed my time and was having a blast.  I'm determined to get back into that routine and back on track.  I actually miss going to the gym and of course miss having time for myself.  

Starting next week, I'm going to join Weight Watchers.  This will help me especially so when I'm on the go I can prepare foods that will work with the points I'm allowed.  I love my vegetables and fruits so I can't wait to try some awesome new recipes!  Once I start Weight Watchers I'll let you all know so I can share my initials thoughts and share my journey with it!

My schedule next semester is much better than the one I currently have, so I'll have time to go to the gym and attend WW weigh ins.  Next year I'm turning 21, and I want my 20s to be the best time of my life.  Especially 21 (hellllo nights on the town!) haha so I hope you all will join me on the journey to getting back on track to a healthier lifestyle!

One of my pictures from my senior year to keep me motivated! :)


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