My Suite and Residence Hall Tour - Freshman Year

Hey everyone!  I recently uploaded a video giving you a tour of suite and residence hall Freshman Year.  One of my most popular videos on YouTube is my Freshman Dorm Room Tour (had I know it would be so popular I would've organized a little more) haha.  I hope you all enjoy this!  The pictures and everything are back from when I was a freshman in 2009-2010.  If I knew back then how much College Glamoration has grown I would've taken more pictures and videos!  I loved the dorm and it was by far my favorite!  It def. helped that I had a beyond amazing roomate and the sweetest suitemate (hehe sweetest suitemate, get it?) ever! 

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  1. Hey girl ! I've awarded you the Kreativ Blogger Award ! There is a link to your blog on my page now ! To accept the award, check out my post and pass it on to other blogs you feel are helpful and great reads !

    Keep up the great work !!!!


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