Intern Diaries: Internship Essentials

Many of you have probably already started your internships but here's a list of some essentials you should have on hand with you!

1.) Laptop 
If you have a laptop you should bring it with you so you can complete any tasks you need to on the computer and be able to do any research if needed.

2.) Watch
I would bring a watch so you do not have to constantly look at your phone for the time.  Also it's a fun accessory to dress up your outfit!

3.) Planner
Always have a planner on hand so you can keep track of events and due dates!

4.)  Notebook/Post Its and Writing Utensils
Always have a notebook to write down quick notes and make a check list.  This is great to have during a meeting!  Always make sure you have something to write with, you don't want to be an unprepared intern!

5.) Water and Snacks
Sometimes days in the office are very hectic and you may not have time to go out and buy a lunch.  Make sure you always have water and snacks on hand for days like those.

Share what you bring to your internship in the comments below! 

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