Half Way Through the Semester + Midterms!

I cannot believe that this semester is already half way over!  Mid grades are due Oct. 17th at my college which means I have to keep scoring high on all of my exams to get awesome final grades this semester!  So far I've really been enjoying all of my classes.  One or two I could do without to be honest, but that's life! haha  

I've really been loving my English class!  We have great discussions, and my teacher always asks us great questions that really make you think.  They're questions where everyone has their own opinion and perceives it differently.  However, it's not an ethics class (thank god!) or else my head would be spinning.  I took an ethics class last semester, and man, I had some horrible headaches from trying to form my own opinion about some topics.

As many of you know, one of my majors is Early Childhood Education so I've started doing field experiences in a first grade classroom.  Pretty much it's where you observe the class and assist the teacher and the students.  I love it!  I know I'd be so happy to have a teaching career if I don't decide to go into the communications field.

Tomorrow I have 3 exams and classes from 2:30 until 10.  Thursdays are extremely draining, and then I have work Friday!  Sorry for the scatterbrained post, I have a ton going on right now!

What classes have you been enjoying this semester?
Do you have midterms this week or coming up?
Let me know!

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